Belizean workers suffering abuse at the hands of Foreign Diplomats?

For years, complaints from employees working at the British High Commission have been made regarding alleged abusive treatment since the recent British High commissioner arrived in 2013.  A number of employees, about 10 of them,  have since tendered their resignation, citing verbal abuse and overall “bad treatment” at the hands of the British High Commission. Today, we called the British high Commission for a comment on the matter but they said they are not giving any interviews at this time. They did however release this statement saying and we quote, We are aware of these allegations  and can confirm that the British High Commission in Belmopan has accepted 6 resignations in the last 12 months, all for different reasons. It would not be appropriate to discuss the individual cases. We take very seriously all official complaints about bullying, harassment or discrimination and investigate them robustly and thoroughly. But there have been no such complaints at the High Commission in Belmopan. The British High Commission is a fair, open and transparent employer.” There is another matter of alleged abuse of power and the ill treatment of Belizean employees at the hand of another Foreign diplomat, this time at the  private residence of the US Deputy Head of Mission. Similar complaints of verbal and emotional  abuse are made but also allegations of forced labour without overtime or lunch breaks. We contacted the U. S. Embassy but they told us the Public Relations Officer Emilia Adams is not in the country. We sent in formal queries to the Public relations department of the U. S. Embassy via email but only received a pre-written statement saying, and we quote, We are aware of the allegations. We are looking into the matter and cannot comment further on specifics at this time, as we are in the process of reviewing the facts. We take these allegations seriously.  The U.S. government expects its employees to abide by local labor laws and to respect the rights and dignity of workers.” Reports are that the Embassy has launched an investigation into the matter.

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