Belizeans accused of drug trafficking free from jail

Earlier this week, two Belizean men incarcerated in Mexico for drug trafficking offenses were released from Chetumal Prison. They are Hugo Cassanova from Corozal and Ermelindo “Melin” Vasquez from Orange Walk. The pair were escorted to the Northern Border by Mexican vlcsnap-2016-02-05-10h03m00s606immigration officials and were to be handed over to their Belizean counterparts. But are they to be jailed in Belize, or are they free? Minister of National Security John Saldivar said today that only one hurdle remains to be cleared before they can claim the latter. As reported, the two Belizeans, along with Carlos Cabañas Catzin, alias “El Monstruo” of Chetumal, were arrested the evening of Thursday, February 7, 2013, in Chetumal, Mexico, along with five other people for possession of 45 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as crystal meth. According to reports, 45 kilograms of suspected crystal meth amounted to about 50 thousand doses ready for distribution and retail marketing. The group were taken in Catzim’s home by Mexican Naval Marines during a sting operation. The drugs were valued at approximately 11 million pesos OR 1 million US dollars. The drugs were found grouped into bags, and these in turn were found in several refrigerators.

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