Belizeans protest Israel-Gaza conflict

vlcsnap-2014-08-07-08h17m18s124The ongoing standoff between forces of the Republic of Israel and the Palestinian Hammas has taken nearly 2,000 innocent lives since the start of hostilities a few weeks ago. Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, lobbed almost 4000 rockets directed at Israeli Cities. Israel responded with air raids followed by a ground attack. While there is currently a fragile truce in place, the conflict has attracted the attention of locals who want an end to the killing. The most famous Belizean of Palestinian descent, through his late father, is former Prime Minister Said Musa. The senior attorney and politician acknowledged that link in calling for Belizeans to pay closer attention to what is going on in the Middle East, as he linked it to our own epidemic at home.

vlcsnap-2014-08-07-08h49m37s87Said Musa – Former Prime Minister

“Over one thousand nine hundred innocent civilians have been bombed and killed and Belize is a part of the world community. We should express our outrage and our shock at this senseless killing that is going on, because we want the world to pay attention to what is happening in Belize as well, with all the senseless killing of young people and children taking place in our country. Senseless, senseless death, murder taking place in our country and we believe that the Gaza situation should shock the conscience of the world, and that is why I’m out here to protest. Also of course, the fact remains that I have Palestinian heritage in my upbringing. My father was a Palestinian, my family from my father’s side have been disposed from their land and driven out of their land, so I have every reason to show my concern.

But it all comes right back to the fact that I am a Belizean and as Belizeans, like the rest of the world, we should protest and show our deep concern about what is going on in Gaza, in Palestine, and indeed hopefully the world will pay attention to what is happening in our region as well, with the senseless killing that is taking place.  Because we have to address this situation, brothers and sisters.  It is completely out of control and the Government seem unable to be able to deal with the… Look at the situation of the poor girl that they found in the cemetery.

Hamas wishes to establish an Islamic State in Palestine. Organizer Nuri Muhammad, an Islamic leader in Belize, told us why he organized the protest in Belize.

vlcsnap-2014-08-07-08h30m47s52Nuri Muhammad – Islamic Leader

“Life is sacred, and the scriptures say that wherever  a human being is killed unjustly and innocently, it affects all of humanity.  It is important that Belizeans, who have been watching this thing unfold on television over the last 28 to 30 days, find some means by which we could express that this is wrong.  I’m telling you, I’ve talked to Belizeans from all, and you can see it on Facebook.  We recognise that what is happening in the Gaza is a crime against humanity.  If this was simply Hammas, a military wing, fighting against the Israeli army, that would be one thing, but we’re seeing the continual bombing of schools, of places of worship, of hospitals.  We have seen the bombing of the power plant, that affects the electricity of these people.  People are now living in the Gaza with two hours  of electricity a day.  They have no sewerage.  The sewerage is running in the streets.  God, man, this is inhumane.  The reason I’m walking around with this particular poster is because this is highlighting that this is not religion.  This is an international issue that no human being should sit back and tolerate.”

While the West Bank Palestinians have selected the path of peaceful resistance against Israel, residence of Gaza selected terrorist group Hamas as their leadership. Hamas has consistently refused to even recognize the state of Israel, and continually perpetuates direct conflict with Israel, while Israel responds with what many consider to be disproportionate force. There are both Jewish and Palestinian persons living in Belize.

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