Belizeans Represent the Nation Abroad in Fashion and Dance

This week, four Belizeans are leaving the Jewel for the United States and Kingston, Jamaica to participate in various training activities in the arts. We begin with fashion designer Joris Hendrik, who will be participating in the annual Caribbean Fashion Week which is ongoing.

We hear more from NICH Communications Officer, Shari Williams.

vlcsnap-2014-06-13-17h16m01s115Ms. Shari Williams- Communications Officer of NICH

“Joris definitely joins the ranks of Rebecca Stirm; they are both Belizean designers who have each works at Caribbean Fashion Week.  Last year Joris attended as a guest, and so this year he was accepted as designer that would be featured.  W see this as a very good way of showcasing some of the artistic talents I have in Belize, especially when it comes to designers, because we have a lot of designers from north to south and it is an opportunity for Belize to showcase that we also have talent.  This is a new industry and we are definitely delighted and extremely happy that NICH could partner with one of our designers in order to representy Belize in such a fantastic way”.

Hendrik’s designs are a mix of high fashion and casual, but is more famous for the couture designs worn by the likes of Special Envoy Kim Simplis Barrow.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a trio of dancers from Corozal and Belize are leaving for a summer intensive workshop sponsored by the PGK Dance Project in San Diego, California. Williams tells us more.

Ms. Shari Williams:  “There are three dancers which are handpicked by the executive director, Peter Calivas who was here last November.  He saw these three dancers as some of the core in Belizean dancers and thought they would benefit from this workshop.  The selected dancers are Shaddi Gillet and Victor Casanova from the Latino Dance Mix in Corozal as well as Sheldon Bordon from the New Generation Dance in Belize City.  They will be leaving the country on Saturday and they will be in San Diego participating in this workshop”.

This project will also benefit Belize’s local dance specialists, as Williams explains.

Ms. Shari Williams:  “Definitely, every opportunity to train is a great opportunity for every Belizean dancer. It is because they get to experience different types of dancing, they get to participate internationally.  Some of these strict disciplines some of these companies have a broad and as well as new art forms that they can then bring back and share it here in Belize.  Besides contemporary dances and ballet, the workshops caters to professional as well as amateurs, choreographers get opportunities to network and build bonds”.

Dance Company member, Denise Enriquez, was a guest of the Project last year.  She has been revitalizing the local scene with what she learned.  In one last piece of news from NICH, two local artists, Inga Woods and Gayla Fuller, are participating in a poster competition on climate change, as it relates to forestry.  They will be exhibiting their posters in El Salvador on July 14. The winner will be invited to Germany for a special tour.

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