Belize’s Internet: Highest Prices and Lowest Speed

Belize has the slowest internet plan in the Caribbean.  This is according to ICT Pulse, which compares internet speeds and pricing across the Caribbean on an annual basis.

For 2014, 19 countries in the Caribbean were compared and Belize was at the bottom of the barrel when it came to speed and at the top of the pack when it came to being the most expensive.

In 12 of the 19 countries surveyed, the lowest download speeds offered is under 2 Mbps, but Belize and a few other countries  have Internet packages with download speeds as low as 128 kbps.

The lowest advertised price was recorded in Trinidad and Tobago and is followed by Curacao,  and Jamaica. On the other hand, the highest prices for a 2 Mbps plan was recorded in Belize, and was followed by the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos islands.



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