Belmopan Baptist High School English students want to go to London

The Belmopan Baptist High School has been invited to participate in the World English Experience (WEE) 2015 to be held in London. Wee is an English program that takes over 150 thousand students from Europe, Asia and Latin America annually for a two week course in English, held at some of the most prestigious institutions in London.

This year is the first time that Belize has been invited to participate in this program.


Emanual Pech – Plus News

“Tell me how did you find out about this program, and how did you getb in contact with the organizers?”


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-09h48m57s131Ethnelda Paulino – English Teacher

“In September of [last] year I had to do a presentation in Panama to represent Belize for the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Association. 

When I got there, the persons who were in charge of WEE were waiting for me, and they presented me with package and said, ‘Bring Belize.  We’ve been waiting to invite you.’

So, of course, we’re again the last people in Central America to be invited.  But Mexico, Costa Rica, all the other countries have been doing this, going to London, taking their children to London.

We have students from across the High School, fourth, third, second, and first formers, so we know that we will come back with a group of leaders with  a wealth of experience.

Then, thereafter, it’s going to be the hub for Wee, World  English Experience, and other schools, other high schools will be invited to participate in this program.  So it’s going to get bigger.


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-10h07m37s75Jaleel Tucker – Third Form, Belmopan Baptist High School

“I’m excited to go to England.  I don’t travel a lot, maybe to PG, but that’s about it.  [I’m] really excited to go. [I] can’t wait.”


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-10h42m09s39Cindy Hewlett – Third Form, Belmopan Baptist High School

” I feel excited, because it’s the first time I’m travelling abroad.  It’s going to be fun.”


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-10h15m19s28Doralyn Sabal – Third Form, Belmopan Baptist High School

“We’ll be visiting Oxford Street, and Big Ben [in London].  I’ve never really been further than Dangriga, so it will be an honor for me to [travel] to England, and I’ll be able to meet other people from abroad.”


vlcsnap-2015-01-30-10h20m39s224Krystal McKay –  First Form, Belmopan Baptist High School

“I’m really happy for our school to be chosen to do something like this, because not every school could have [this] opportunity to do it, and I’m just excited.”


The invitation is of course free, however the means of getting there is not. The Belmopan Baptist High School family has been working tirelessly to raise funds and in turn has received several donations from known institutions in Belize; however they are still short of $40 thousand dollars.

Ethnelda Paulino, English and Literature teacher, explained what you can do to help them meet their financial obligation and make this dream a reality.


Ethnelda Paulino

“We have a number of Fund-Raising activities going on, all at once.  There’s going to be a [Fund-Raiser] on Saturday, and that will start at the Roaring Creek Police Station.  The public is free to offer donations.  That’s one thing.

The students do Fund-Raising.  They’re put in groups, and they Fund-Raise throughout the week. 

On the seventh of February, we’re going to have a Tea Party here on the grounds, and that is on a Saturday.  The donation that we’re asking is twenty-five dollars.  We’re asking the public, we’re asking Belmopan to support us, by offering that twenty-five dollars,”


13 students have been selected to represent the school and, by extension, the country of Belize for this year’s program, which is set to begin on the 7th of March.

For more information on how you can help you can contact the school at 822-2437 or 605-8455.

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