Belmopan burglars caught in the act

Belmopan Police intercepted a burglary on Thursday last week in broad daylight.
According to reports, at around 1:45 pm police responded to a burglary in progress at a two story yellow wooden structure house in Belmopan. The owner of the building lives in the USA.
When police arrived at the house, they saw two men of Creole decent breaking off a piece of lumber that supports the second floor ceiling.
The men were identified as 71 year old Elston Coleman and 50 year old Mark Casey, both of Camalote village. The men wielded a crow bar and a hammer.
Police also observed that the house and properly were damaged, and all the light fixtures and wires were missing.
Belmopan Police have since arrested and charged both men for the crime of Burglary.

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