Belmopan celebrates Independence with various events

Plus TV sat down the Assistant Events Coordinator at the Belmopan City Council, where she talked about the Council’s September Celebrations calendar. Now we bring you those events scheduled to take place after the 10th, St. George’s Caye Day. On the agenda for the 13th, a Children’s Rally will be hosted at the UB Gymnasium. On the 19th, on the anniversary of the passing of father of the nation the Rt. Hon. George Price, the country will observe National Service Day. And to bring in the Independence Day festivities, the time-honored Take Back The Land Parade will take off from Roaring Creek at 6:00. With more, here is Assistant Events Coordinator Erika Raquel Ramos.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-14h01m13s200Erika Raquel Ramos: Assistant Events Coordinator

[On September 13th] will be the Children’s Rally. [On the 20th]  the “Take Back The Land Parade” starts at Roaring Creek and ends up at Independence Plaza.    The Children’s Rally [features] bicycles.  They’re going to be decorated.  The kids are participating in it.  That will take place at the parking lot of DFC.  [On] the 21st we’re having we’re having [the Citizens’ Parade with] floats. There will be a competition.  They’re going to have four categories.  They have first and second prizes.  I will not say what they are, just too keep the public wondering. 

The Official Independence Day Ceremony on September 21st begins at 10am at the Independence Plaza.

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