Belmopan Citco Revisiting the Traffic Problems

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The Belmopan City Council is taking a comprehensive approach at solving some of the key issues surrounding traffic control in Belmopan, specifically around The Market Square Area. Yesterday on Monday, August 10th, Louise Lewis, Belmopan City councilor with responsibilities in transport held a diagnostic meeting with the City Administrator, the Belmopan Traffic Department and a legal advisor who will help to chart a legal framework that will assist them in addressing some of the growing issues in traffic as Belmopan continues to expand.

Louise Willis – Councilor, Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-08-12-10h32m03s15

“We had miss Margaret Mackenzie from Belize City. She is a lawyer and she came in to assist us  at looking at our internal structure at the traffic department at Belmopan. We looked at training, training for officers, we looked at the resources that we presently have and we looked at the supervision management and the entire internal structure.

 Emanuel Pech  – Plus TV Reporter

“What are some of the problems  that were addressed there  – some of the key issues that just jumped out at you?’

 Louise Willis

“Some of the key structures-  the officers wanted more training…. basically being more educated when it comes to traffic. We have a number of  new officers at the department and we want to have them trained so that they can reach a certain standard.”

 Dr. Heraldo Flowers  – Belmopan City Administratorvlcsnap-2015-08-12-10h17m40s103

“This meeting as a part of a comprehensive planning effort in being able to look at the down town area in particular. The traffic situation being one of aspects and issues that are occurring in an increasingly  growing city. This is the second largest, the fastest growing city in the country and we are experiencing growth problems, so to speak,  including traffic, transport and others. We want to be able to address  these   issues compressively. So Mrs. Mackenzie, on behalf of the Belize CIty Council, as a part of the partnership, a wonderful partnership, is helping us to look at some of the legal aspects that we need to address.”vlcsnap-2015-08-12-10h13m37s222

Cariled which is another partner, is helping us to look at it from an urban planning perspective, they are going to provide an expert from Canada to come down and look at the whole planning aspects in the downtown area, including traffic. When we have these different elements put together in a technical document, we will then present that to the City Council. Once they agree  with the recommendations made by the different experts, then we will take it to the public. Hopefully in the next three months or so, we can present to the Belmopan residents, a comprehensive plan as to how we can deal with the issues in the market area, particularly traffic and transport issues.”


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