Belmopan City Council hosts Sports Camp






Since the summer vacation kicked off, the Belmopan City Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and the area rep. the Hon. John Saldivar has been hosting quite a number of initiatives to keep children and young people constructively occupied, the latest being a sports camp that was launched earlier this month. Each cycle runs for a month, in which trainers and coordinators instruct the participating kids on six disciplinary activities. Last Friday, Mae Gordon Park at the Mae Gordon Park the first three of those disciplinary programs came to an end- tennis, softball and football. The atmosphere was filled with jovial laughter as the kids engaged in friendly competitions against each other. The kids were guided throughout the whole program, however, no one who saw them play now could say that they did not put in their part as they showed exceptional skills in the their pitching, batting, running and their overall game play.

Next door to them, on the same park, were the young football-stars-of-tomorrow geared up for the final day of training. The kids barely knew each other when the camp started but with just two weeks of playing together a special bond has been forged through the love of the sport. At times some of them became flustered with the challenging drills that were thrown at them, however, they took the challenge head on and proved themselves at the end. A medal ceremony will be held this Saturday.

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