Belmopan City Council launches website

The Belmopan City Council held a small ceremony today to officially launch its website. The website is aimed at keeping Belmopan residents informed of the activities in Belmopan and accomplishments of the City Council. It is free, accessible information and according to Deputy Mayor Ralston Fraser, it also includes all audited financials up to 2016. 

Deputy Mayor Ralston Fraser

The vision for this is to have the general public of Belmopan in particularly have an insight an inroad directly to City Hall you will notice that on the website all the services are available where the processes that it goes through from traffic to municipal everything is there .Our locally economic development department and their function everything is there so people can just go in there and it’s just as if they are at City Hall in a single glimpse what is important to make mention of as well is that Belmopan continues to be proud that since 2000 when the municipality was made a municipality we have done our financials under Mayor Chanona ,under mayor Lopez and under mayor Belilse  so you would be able to find the audited financials from that date through to 16,17 on the website and I think that’s an excellent move to have the people of Belmopan be more a part of what City Council does.


Fraser says that today’s generation is one of technology and the City council believes this is a great way to keep both the older and younger residents informed.

Deputy Mayor Ralston Fraser

We are at a point where in an age where technology rules so to speak .People have their phone they have their gadgets everywhere they go and one of the great advantage is that they would be able to post or make request or view this site anywhere they are and because as our technical person had explained it is readily adoptable to your phone to your ipad to your computer you will have no glitches so there is no need to have a specific app for this website.

Belmopan City Council Online is interactive where residents can post their concerns, questions, or compliments and get a response.

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