Belmopan Comprehensive High School Launches First Science Fair

The Belize Comprehensive High School, for the first time in a long time, held a science fair inviting parents guardians and other neighbouring educational institutions to witness this grand event. Our crew was on the ground on the day of the event and brought back an explosive report. Our reporter spoke to Ms. Rosaura Chan, head of the department of Science, on Friday. She gave us more details of the event.

vlcsnap-2014-02-17-19h54m44s112St. Eaton Gallardo- First Form Pupil at  Belmopan Comprehensive School

“We made a hydraulic operator device”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Tell me how does it work and how did you manage to get all these things together?”

St. Eaton Gallardo:   “This is to show how hydraulics work on equipment that we find around constructions sites.  We sue syringes,; we work by pressure created by another syringe which pushes the arms and the fingers”.

vlcsnap-2014-02-17-20h14m39s26Mr. Harrison Lin:  “Definitely I love the personal time and effort…and money of course; the time in the school and the teachers’ time dedicated to them”.

Mr. Edwin Varela:  “We did a lot of research to come to this point. We had to make many mistakes in order to make the rocket we want; the one you saw”.

The campus was full of boots displaying a diverse amount experiments.  We spoke to two groups who explained to us their achievements.

vlcsnap-2014-02-17-20h39m47s214Ms. Rosaura Chan- Head of Science Department of BCS

“Today, we decided to have a Science Fair and we are focusing on the theme “Exploring the World Around Us”.  We have our students having their displays on their investigations to show their parents that they have been working really hard with their teachers”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “The principal mentioned that this is the first time in a long time that this is actually taking place.  Tell me, why is that?”

“I guess it is because before, we were a little bit unsure if we wanted to do a science fair due to the fact that our lab is very limited when it comes to materials, but this year, I was very proud and very happy to find out that our principal could help a lot to the Science labs; he supplied us over $10,000 in materials in the lab.  Therefore, the students were able to have the materials for them to use”.

Congratulations to BCHS for a successful science air.

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