Belmopan gets new Road safety Equipment

The nation’s capital got some additional equipment for road safety on Monday. Belmopan City Council, yesterday, received some new road safety equipment from the Belize Road Safety Project. Handed over to the Belmopan City Council on Monday, were a traffic light programmer, spare traffic lights and a mini sidewalk sweeper. This contribution from the Belize Road Safety Project is a part of their stride towards improving roads and establishing speed limits. Plus News spoke to Mayor Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan, at the handing over Ceremony.

Mayor Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan

 We have just taken receipts of several spare traffic lights systems in addition to the traffic lights programmer. As a ministry that should be employed in the cleaning of the pedestrian and bicycle parts newly constructed parts around the ring road here in the city,  much needed. We are glad that much foresight was put into the project such that we know that we have replacement in place should the lights start to fail inevitably. As well as the street sweeper allowing us to keep those parts clear. Since the completion of the works we have noted the significant increase in terms of usage of the ring road by pedestrians and bicyclist alike so we believe that the sweeper puts us in a position to make life a little easier and simple to use. So overall extremely grateful to CEO Hyde and Ministry of Economic development Ms.Pamela Scott and the Road safety project.

Ms. Yvonne S. Hyde, Chair of the Belize Road safety Project, also spoke to Plus News.

Ms. Yvonne S. Hyde, Chair of the Belize Road safety Project

 The lights is to ensure that when one goes they have a set of spare to be used and then there should be no interruption to the functioning of the lights. But the sweeper is to ensure that the pedestrian path first, and secondly, the bicycle part is kept free of pebbles and sand so it’s safe for walkers and cyclist .

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