Belmopan man shot dead at warehouse

Police are investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the death of 39 year old Louis Leslie of Belmopan, who met his death at the hands of a security guard at the Gonzalo Quinto and Sons compound in Belize City on Tuesday night. Authorities say Leslie went to the property at Mile 1 1/2 on the Philip Goldson Highway and allegedly tried to assault the security guard, who responded by taking out his licensed handgun and shooting him in the abdomen. Leslie later died at the KHMH while receiving treatment. Superintendent Hilberto Romero briefed the press on where the case is going so far.

Supt Hilberto Romero – OC, CIB, Eastern Divisionvlcsnap-2015-07-16-10h28m49s0

“The information we gathered so far, our investigators are working on the case as we speak..This male  entered the compound through the front gate and went to the back area of the compound where it is alleged that he had a confrontation there with the security guard – who was armed at the time. The security guard is alleging that he was assaulted and attacked by this person with a metal pipe. He pulled out his service weapon and fired a single shot which caused that fatal injury.”


“Sir are you willing to say at this time that, lethal use of force is justifiable?”

Supt Hilberto Romero

“We are conducting a full and thorough investigation. At the end of that investigation we will determine if any charges will be levied on the security guard.”


“Sir, was there any type of surveillance device recording?”

Supt Hilberto Romero

“Yes, there are video cameras at the location. We are presently reviewing those fottage to see what they captured.”


Leslie is suspected to have a mental illness. Neither his family nor Gonzalo Quinto’s owners have made comment to the press.

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