Belmopan Market Resurfaced After Heavy Rains

Belmopan’s Tuesday /Friday Market Vendors found themselves slipping and sliding in the mud left behind by the heavy rains. Marketing in those conditions became next to impossible on Tuesday and the vendors and customers were none too happy.   But sometime after 4:00 pm, the Belmopan City Council filled the path ways with gravel to mitigate the effects of the relentless rain.

The market vendors were greatly pleased for the swift response of the City Council, although some expressed concerns that this upgrade meant their time spent away from the Civic Centre would be extended.

vlcsnap-2014-09-13-09h30m43s172Byron Broster – Vendor

“Now we could have a dignity market.  We were supposed to have this market a long time ago, not now, but a long time ago.  I give thanks to the person who sent this gravel.



vlcsnap-2014-09-13-09h29m13s26Sergio Calderon – Vendor 

[Translated] “When people ask them when they would be relocated, they said they could not give a date, for a week or month.  From what I’ve been seeing here, when they finish fixing here, they won’t be moving us from here. 

On Friday, on the second Market Day of the week, we went back and found that the entire lawn had been refilled. And while a few vendors still expressed the same concern that this little upgrade forebodes their prolonged stay at Cardinals parking lot, most of them expressed gratitude and said they would even welcome to the idea of staying there permanently.

vlcsnap-2014-09-13-09h12m43s126Oscar Castro – Vendor

[Translated] “It’s a lot better here right now, since they put the gravel down.  It’s a lot better for us, and a lot better for the people who come to buy.  We’re happy here.  It’s all good now.  Maybe they will leave us here, or maybe they will take us there.  That would be a problem for me. But if we stay here it would be better for me, because I have a space here.  Everyone has a space.  If we go there, a lot of people will not have space.”

vlcsnap-2014-09-13-09h19m22s39Felix – Vendor

[Translated] “For me, yes.  For me, thank God.  It’s a lot better than when we were all the way over there, where they had taken us very far.  We’re good here.  Now we feel better.” 

The Cardinal’s Buffer Zone is managed and operated by the Belmopan City Council. According to one City Councilor working, the Council is still projecting to relocate the Tuesday and Friday Market Vendors, but if the vendors are happy with the state of affairs at the cardinal’s buffer zone, it would be something for the Council to consider.

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