Belmopan Market to be relocated

vlcsnap-2013-03-28-20h11m56s84The Tuesday and Friday market is to be relocated.  The Belmopan City Council has faced an exhaustive two plus years of finding a location to place the Belmopan Farmers Market. In June of last year it was agreed on by all parties that the Market would remain at its current location but that upgrades would be done. So when residents of Piccini and Picinni Extension saw that works were taking place at Blogo Park about two weeks ago and later learned that the market would be relocated to the area, it was a cause for major concern and even prompted a petition against having the market being place there.  Plus news spoke with Sab Morales of the Belmopan vlcsnap-2013-03-28-20h10m13s108City Council who told us that the council was considering to place the Tuesday and Friday Market at the Blogo Park Location temporarily as works on the existing market will commence in early April. That time period would have been for one year but residents of the area would have none of it. Morales told us that the council has now decided to place the Tuesday and Friday Market at the Agricultural and Trade Show grounds starting next month, which is where it will be located there for the next 12 months. The Council received a grant of 2.2 million BZE dollars from the European Union, through its Rural Development Project for the construction and upgrading of the market.

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