Belmopan Market Vendors concerned with new developments

Some Market Vendors expressed concerns about these new developments at the Civic Center of which, we were told, they knew nothing of.

At the last meeting with City Council which took place on Friday September 5th, they were told they would be relocated to the newly renovated Civic Center when the contractor fixes some minor details of the project. They had no clue that the minute details left unchecked were of this calibar.

Some market vendors expressed financial concerns wondering who it is that will eventually have to pay for these extended works at the civic.

vlcsnap-2014-09-17-06h36m40s199Emogene Jones – Market Vendor

“The one that did the foundation and made a mistake, and they have already paid him, they supposed to fix it back.  We will not give them no more money.  They’ve got to fix it back, and fix it the right way, because they all trust them, and they should have done it the right way.”




vlcsnap-2014-09-17-06h41m43s211Anthony Wade – Market Vendor

“Nothing surprises me again anymore, because we were never told.  When we left from the Showground, they told us it would have been possibly at the end of May, and now it’s September, going on October. We’re still not sure when we’re going to go there.  We need something definite.”  

It was projected that works at the Civic Center would be completed by the end of May. It is now mid September and the project seems to be dragging on.

As we have told you before the project is funded by an EU grant which was given to alleviate the conditions at the Belmopan Tuesday Friday Market, however, according to Anthony Wade, who has been a market vendor for over a decade, ironically, the grant has made things worse for the vendors.

Anthony Wade – Market Vendor

“The European Union decided that they wanted to give a grant for a Market.  That means the pawn in this game is the vendors.  I am not certain that they would be happy to know that their grant, all in the name of the rural vendors, has caused the vendors to have to pay more, for getting a grant that they gave us.  Because that is what it amounts to.

If you’re paying $40 a month like the old vendors on the site in front of the Civic Center, they were on a contract for $40 per month, like $5 a day.  Now all the contracts, those are null and void. They started a new contract which says $10 per space with additional fee.  So it comes up that you have to pay more. 

Now all I am paying more, because I was never on that contract, is garbage fee of $144  for the year, $12 a month, and the trade license that we have to get.”

In an interview with the Belmopan Mayor on September 5th, he said the market vendors are paying $2 per market day. There was no one at City Council to answer to our queries concerning these matters, but the Mayor of Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez has agreed to appear on Wednesday on the Rise and Shine morning show.

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