Belmopan Market Vendors Still Disgruntled!?

On Thursday the Mayor of Belmopan announced that the Tuesday/ Friday Market Vendors are to finally go back to the Civic Center Parking lot on Tuesday, after more than a year of being shifted around.

The Vendors were further informed that, despite the previous arrangement that they would have to pay rent to utilise the tents being provided by City Council, the tents would now be given to them at no extra cost.

vlcsnap-2014-11-04-06h14m26s74But even with those benefits, there are still complainers.

There was an air of excitement and discontent in some sections on Monday morning as the tents were being distributed.

Most vendors signed for their tent, though at the same time a bit disgruntled at the weak frame of the tent. Others, mostly clothes vendors, refused to sign at all. The reason, they told us, was because the flimsy build of the tents would not hold up their clothes.

Tuesday is the first Market day at the newly renovated Civic Center and parking lot.

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