Belmopan Mayor says infrastructure needs urgent upgrade

In his speech on Independence Day,  the Mayor of Belmopan Simeon Lopez had some news for the residents of Belmopan.

Simeon Lopez – Mayor of Belmopan:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-08h13m32s190This Council is very much aware of the condition in which our infrastructure has deteriorated.  Therefore, this address will deal mainly with this situation.  It has become extremely necessary to increase our revenue, so that we may be able to finance greater improvement in streets and drains.  This Council had every intention to float a Belmopan Municipal Bond of 6.52 million dollars, to procure a more up to date fleet of vehicles, some heavy equipment, and to do drains, and pave streets all over Belmopan.  There is an urgent need to upgrade streets, thereby improving the lives of our citizens.  This proposal though was not a popular one but, maybe fortunately, it would not go through.  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

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