Belmopan Money Gram Robbed at Gunpoint

human hand with 9 mm. pistolmoney gram logoEarlier this morning, shortly after 11:00 am, Money Gram Agency of Belmopan was robbed at gun point.  The incident took place in at Money Grams office at the Emporium building in Nimli Punit Street.  Reports have it that two female clerks who were at the establishment when two men entered and robbed them.  Eye witnesses say that one of the men was armed with a 9 mm. pistol and that vehicle was waiting for them outside the establishment, which was there method of escape.  It is to our understanding that such incident was caught on tape.  Police have confirmed that $5,000 Belize currency and $500 US currency was stolen from Money Gram this Friday afternoon.  The investigators of the law continue on their search for more concrete answers and culprits.

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