Belmopan Police Arrest One for Double Chopping Incident

Belmopan Police are making progress in the investigation of the Salvapan double chopping incident which occurred sometime after midnight on Sunday. According to authorities, sometime around 1am on Monday July 27th,  police responded to a chopping incident on Cemetery Road, in front of the San Martin Primary School, in the Salvapan Area Belmopan. Upon arrival they reportedly saw two men lying on the ground bleeding from apparent chop wounds. 24 year old Jorge Guevara, Salvadoran of St. Peter Street, was observed with multiple chop wounds to the head, back and face, while 25 year old Clifford Alexander Alvarado of St. Matthew’s Street, was observed with chop wounds to the head. Both men were taken to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment. One of them, Clifford Alvarado, has since been released while Jorge Guevara remains at the hospital receiving treatment. Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Station Howell Gillett gave us an update on this investigation.

Sup. Howell Gillett – OC, Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-07-30-08h44m48s238

“So far, we have made and arrest and we are looking for four other persons to be arrested. the person who we have arrested is one, John Briceno, a 20 year old male of the Belmopan area. He has since been charged with aggravated assault, grievous harm and wounding. These charges vary amounts the two persons who were affected by this crime. Those persons are; Jorge Guevara and Clifford Alvarado.vlcsnap-2015-07-30-09h44m12s157

 Emanuel Pech –  Plus TV Reporter

“Do you know the details or the conditions of the victims? I understand that one of them is critical and the other is serious.”

Sup. Howell Gillett

“My understanding is that one of the persons, I think it is Mr. Alvarado, was released and the other person is in a stable condition. “

 Emanuel Pech

At the Western Regional Hospital?”

 Sup. Howell Gillett

“Yes that is correct.”


Police believe that alcohol was a factor in this incident.

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