Belmopan Police hosts Open Day

The Belmopan Police Department held their annual open day today in Belmopan. The day was organized to showcase some of the services the department offers to the public. Plus news got a chance to speak with OC Howell Gillett who told us about today’s event.

OC Howell Gillett

What caused us to do this is that we know often times the public only hear of the bad things a few police officers do but many services we offer to the public. Sso we have all the different units and branches from the Belmopan Area who are out here. Some of them include the domestic violence unit, the public policing uni. We have the trafficking persons, Scene of Crime Personnel. Here they have a scene that the kids can look at and see how it is processed and we have our Crime Investigators. They are here to teach the kids what are some of the main offenses that occur and that will further hinder people from wanting to commit any crime .We didn’t want to do it alone because we have many partners in the community we serve so we have the Health department that’s checking people’s pressure and the basic blood test of sugar and otherwise . We have our traffic unit very importantly to highlight to the public some of the major offenses that occur in our area and how we could work together to try and solve some of the issues of the community that we serve. Based on today’s support I’m told by the community policing officers that we have in excess of 500 kids that have visited already which gives us the input to continue on this so of course in the very near future to highlight the work that the police are doing not only in Belmopan but in other areas.

Belmopan Police Open day also saw the attendance of High school students from various schools in the Capital.

Expo Participant

 My name is Sylvian Neal and this is my colleague Jennifer. We are just trying to spread more road safety awareness and talking to the students talking to people making them more aware about what the Road safety project is all about.

Well you just have to be safe around the Easter time as well take precautions.


Which display was the best for you?

 Student 1:

The one with the K-9 Dogs because I learned how they train the dogs and how they find drugs

Student 2:

My favorite was with the Belmopan police because I learned what was the things they use to test if you are drunk , or under any influence and the equipment they use when going on a motorcycle or something.

The Belmopan Police Department thanks all stakeholders that were a part of today’s display.









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