Belmopan Police investigate possible case of attempted rape

Belmopan Police are investigating a possible case of attempted rape. An 18 year student of Belmopan told police that after 10pm on Tuesday night, she waiting for a bus in Santa Elena Town, when a gold colored Tacoma stopped in front of her and the driver, who she says gave her only a first name, offered her a ride. But the driver didn’t take her home, instead, he reportedly first made a pit stop at the Westar Gas Station in Roaring Creek, where he bought two bottles of beer and an energy drink, which he gave her. So as they proceeded to Belmopan, she alleges that he diverted into the Las Flores Area and stopped near La Chocha Bar. The woman says that he then began to touch her inappropriately and pulled down her pants. She reportedly then put up a struggle, where she bit him on the shoulder, jumped out of the vehicle and ran home, where she told her husband what happened. Police are treating the case an aggravated assault.

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