Belmopan police investigate thefts of vehicles

Belmopan police are investigating several thefts of motor vehicles. Carlton Petillo, a 36 year old Belizean Welder of Santander,  reported that on Monday 14th December about 8:30 a.m., he parked his brand new motorcycle at a friend’s house in the Picinni Area with the key in the ignition and walked away for about 15 minutes. When he returned, he discovered that his motor-cycle was missing.  Then, Gareth Murillo, a 47 year old Belizean Registrar for the Department of Co-operatives reported that on 14th December 2015 between 9:20am and 11:50 a.m.,  a white D-Max double cab pickup truck valued $61,000.00 and belonging to the Government of Belize, was stolen while parked at the Magistrate Court’s compound located on Independence Plaza, Belmopan City. The vehicle has not been recovered. Police are investigating.

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