Belmopan Police investigates shooting and incidents

Belmopan Police investigates shooting incident. On Sunday June 16th shortly after 1pm. Police  visited the emergency ward at that Western Regional Hospital where they observe Edwardo Antonio GARCIA,  a Salvadoran Farmer of Valley of Peace Village, suffering from a single gunshot wound to the upper rib cage area. Garcia told Police that at about 11.30pm on Saturday night, he and another person were walking when he heard a single gunshot. He then felt a burning sensation and realized that he had been shot.

Belmopan Police is also investigation a stabbing incident which took place yesterday in Ontario Village. Police visited the Western Regional Hospital where they observed Yolanda RICHARDS, of Ontario Village suffering from puncture wound to the lungs, cut wounds to the left and right hand, the right side of the back, left chest area and right leg. Kenreen GILLETT of the same Village was also seen suffering from cut wounds to the left hand, left and right foot. Aminta JIMENEZ, of same Village also had a wound on the left side of the head and minor scratches to the neck, left elbow and left knee. Initial Investigation revealed that Aminta JIMENEZ sent her daughter to a nearby shop where she was reportedly confronted by RICHARDS and GILLETT as a result JIMENEZ went to her daughter’s aid and had an altercation with both RICHARDS and GILLETT during which time she reportedly inflicted the stab wounds on  them with a knife. Police investigation into the matter continues.

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