Belmopan Police officer served with NIP in Fatal RTA in PG

On Tuesday we told you that a 69 year old Punta Gorda man was knocked down and killed by a Belmopan Police Corporal driving a F150 Police Mobile.  Information was still scanty at the time as it relates to the destination of the Police Mobile and what led to the officers knocking down Bahadur. This afternoon, ACP Chester Williams gave an official report on the incident. 

ACP Chester Williams, Police Professional Standards Branch: On Tuesday of this week, police in Punta Gorda responded to an accident on the Southern Highway near Punta Gorda Town, where they saw one Selvin Bahador suffering from injuries. He was taken to the Punta Gorda Polyclinic, where he died whilst undergoing treatment. Investigation revealed that corporal of police, Mr. Salam, was driving a police vehicle in Punta Gorda when he knocked down Mr. Bahador causing the fatal injuries. We have since obtained blood and urine sample from Mr. Salam which had been sent to the lab as is the case in every traffic accident. And I must say that we have no indication that he was drinking or was under the influence, but those are just our normal practice with traffic accidents. And the matter is currently under investigation and as soon as investigation is completed, then we will decide what course of action will be taken. In the meantime, Mr. Salam has been issued a notice of intended prosecution, as again is the normal practice in cases of traffic accidents where determining who is at fault is difficult. And the records are there to show that there have been many instances where there have been fatalities and we have not proceeded with charges immediately. We go through a process and thereafter we charge. It is only in instances where who is at fault is clear to be seen from what is on the scene, that we would proceed with charges immediately.

According to Police,  Salam was served with an NIP and police continue their investigation.

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