Belmopan Police Will Clear High Crime Area In Riviera

In June, the Belmopan police formation, in collaboration with the Belmopan City Council, undertook a cleaning campaign along main pathways that weave through the centre of capital. The problem was that the footpaths were shrouded with thick shrubs making the area prone to robberies and other illicit activities.

Next week, a similar project will be undertaken by the Belmopan Police Station which has partnered this time with the Kolbe Foundation to clean the Riviera Area in Belmopan.

vlcsnap-2014-09-04-09h34m18s7Superintendent Howell Gillett – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Station

“Recently we’ve had some thefts from motor vehicles in the Riviera area.  We went out there.  We saw what was needed.  There is too much shrubs and bushes around the Riviera area.  We will ensure that we comply with environmental laws, but we will clear the entire area, so the people could see where they are going, when they go to swim in that area.

I’m happy to report that just today I’ve spoken to CEO, Mr Jones, from the Kolbe Foundation, and he readily agreed to lend us some inmates, to come and assist us to clear the area.  So, very early next week we’ll partner with them to have the area clear, and make that area safer for people who go to that area. 

The project begins as early as next week.

Supt. Gillett also spoke to us of another preventative project that targets youths who engage in horseback riding in the area of Roaring Creek and the surrounding villages.

He explains the idea.

vlcsnap-2014-09-04-09h58m35s237Superintendent Howell Gillett

“We have another project.  We saw over the holidays, that recently came to a close, students from the Roaring Creek, Teakettle, and other surrounding villages.  They were engaging in horse-riding, but not in a proper manner. 

So what we’re doing now, we’re forming a jockey club or a horse-racing club. We are now partnering with a landowner, a person that has lots of land, and we’ll have a horse-racing track, so that the kids could vent their energies in one central location.  I think that will assist with the horses in the villages, and accidents that were happening in that area.”

The Belmopan police station also has a new Deputy and in an interview conducted earlier this week, Officer Commanding Belmopan Police station introduced his new deputy, Woman Inspector Stephanie Grinage

Superintendent Howell Gillett

“I’m pleased to introduce to the public Mrs Stephanie Grinage, our new Deputy at the Belmopan Sub-Formation,  She replaces Mr Dennis Miles, who has been transferred to Placencia, in the Stann Creek District.”

vlcsnap-2014-09-04-10h07m34s0Stephanie Grinage – Deputy Officer in Command

  “I’ve had over 17 years experience with the Police Department.  I’ve worked different units, and branches, in the Department. 

I was well received by Mr Gillett and personnel at this Formation.  I’m here, willing to work, along with the public, to move this department forward.” 

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