Belmopan Red Taigaz Host Celebrity Match

The Red Taigaz, Belmopan’s very own Basketball team, recently launched its new logo; and with a new logo and newly found energy, they have been outperforming this basketball season at the National basketball play offs. Linelly Williams, a member of the management team for the Belmopan Red Taigaz, updated us on the status of their performance.

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“Our team is actually doing really well, we’re doing much better than we did last year. Last year we did make it to the playoffs in number 4 position, this year we’ve been between the number two seed and three seed. Presently there are three top teams, Cayo Western Ballerz, San Pedro Tiger Sharks and then Belmopan Red Tiagaz, so now we’re secured going into the playoffs . We have two more games remaining in the regular season. This Friday we are playing the Belize Hurricanes in Belize City, and we’re actually taking a fan bus, so any Belmopan resident that wants to go we are leaving from Belmopan Comprehensive High School at 6:30 this Friday and will be returning after the game, five dollars per person. Our next game is next week Saturday May 16th against Cayo Western Ballerz, they’re in the number 1 seed right now so it’s going to be a really exciting game.”

But like any organization, it needs money to run. So this Saturday starting at 6pm, the Belmopan Red Taigaz is hosting a celebrity mash up at the UB Gymnasium, the proceeds of which will go towards the team. Jenealle Mencias, a member of the Management Team for the Belmopan Red Taigaz, tells us more.


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“This weekend, Saturday May 9th the Belmopan Red Tiagaz will be hosting a fundraiser event in the form of a celebrity basketball match. It’s very exciting because we’re having local celebrities, mostly from Belmopan but we’re also getting people from other districts specifica
lly Belize City. We have DJs, Artists, we have beauty queens, we even have some politicians coming in. For example Mayor Khalid Belise is participating, we have Indira Craig coming, we have Nelo Player, we also have Miss Belmopan, Jasmine Rhamdas., so it’s very very exciting. It’s a family event, it’s not suppose to be competitive you know but if you’re following it on Facebook you’ll notice that the celebrities are really getting into it. There is a little bit of trash talking and they’re really bringing the energy to the game and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody there.”

Participants include, Area Representative John Saldivar, Shyne Barrow, Ras Indio, Shaquille Y
oung, Mayor Khalid Belisle, Nello Player, Jim Scott, and others. So if you want see politicians, models, artists, singers, and other celebs play it out on one court, head on out to the Red Taigaz Celebrity Mash up on Saturday May 9th at 6 pm. Entrance fee for the event is $6 dollars for adults $3 dollars for children.

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