Belmopan School plants trees

Yesterday Our lady of Guadalupe high School in Belmopan in collaboration with personnel from the Caves Branch Botanical Garden,the Ya’axche conservation Trust and the Global Trees Campaign held a special tree planting ceremony at the high school grounds as part of an ongoing project called “Building capacity for tree conservation in Belize”. The 35 Belizean plants that were planted at the ceremony yesterday are all local plant species that are in danger of going extinct. Emil Pulido, an educator at the Our Lady of Guadalupe High SchoolK highlighted the importance of conserving the existence of these plant species.

Emil Pulido – Teacher, OLOGvlcsnap-2015-07-31-10h38m53s111

“We are here to welcome and  plant three species of Belizean trees that are in danger of extinction. We are here to welcome 35 plants, fifteen of two species and five of one species to be planted by the Caves Branch personnel who are participants in this wonderful endeavor. I did not know that we had Belizean trees that were endangered,  going extinct because of logging  deforestation  plant disease – but yes we have trees that are going extinct. So today, we want to rejoice and welcome  thirty- five plants. So if , God forbid, these species should ever go extinct in Belize, we at Our Lady of Guadalupe will have thirty-five of them, at least.”

Pamela Scott the Chairwoman of Our Lady of Guadalupe also spoke at the short tree planting ceremony yesterday.

vlcsnap-2015-07-31-10h50m03s220Pamela Scott – Chairwoman, OLOGHS

“It is a special occasion to be participating in the planting of these trees which are extinct in Belize, and which our institution  will be boasting of. This memorable occasion at our high school is the first of its kind. Our Lady of Guadalupe High School is a home for all the wonderful, peaceful and productive things.vlcsnap-2015-07-31-10h42m14s139

The 35 tree seedlings were grown by the Ya’axche conservation trust and planted within the 23 acres campus of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School.

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