Belmopan School Receives 5 Laptop Computers

vlcsnap-2013-06-12-17h33m31s133What makes the world tick? Technology perhaps? Industrial Science and electronic components have for years been occupying a solid presence in the many sectors, and the ability to keep up with this ever-changing technological world is crucial to the education sector. In view of this, the Government of Chile has undertaken a mission to donate laptop computers to one high school in every CARICOM country. Today, the Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Belmopan was Belize’s recipient. Ambassador of Chile to Belize, His Excellency Renato Sepulveda Nedel, presented the laptops to the school.

H.E. Renato Sepulveda Nedel – Ambassador of Chile to Belize:
vlcsnap-2013-06-12-17h34m06s237What we’re saying here [is] that this generation since their birth, they have been playing and learning with computers, since that time.  So I think if we can have the chance to help them, and promote with these kinds of donations, we would have a better world, we [would] have a better quality of citizens, for each of these countries of the CARICOM.

Principal of OLOG, Barrett Belisle says that the laptops couldn’t have come at a better time.

Barret Belisle – Principal OLOG:
vlcsnap-2013-06-12-17h34m50s177Pretty soon, in all classrooms around the world computers will totally replace papers and pen, just as the exercise book and pencil replaced the slate and slate pencil so many many years ago.
These five laptops will greatly enhance our IT classes.  It may be only 5, but considering that we have had to split our classes into two, because we didn’t have enough computers, I’m sure this will contribute greatly to having 30 students as a class in the computer lab at the same time. So it will help us immensely.

The Chilean Government has been provided support to Belize through the provision of specialized training courses for officials in areas such as diplomacy, cooperation and language training and provides scholarships for higher studies.

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