Belmopan Squatters told to leave

The Belmopan City Council has been fighting the increase in squatting in the City, particularly in the San Martin, Maya Mopan, and Las Flores areas. Some six months ago, another set of squatters  were identified in the SalvaPan area and told to get off the land within a six month period. During that time, the squatters should have evacuated but most if not all remained on the land illegally. Mid April 2016, they received a 15 day notice to leave or face court action. There are 15 families in all who received letters to evacuate. We have been told that two of the families have since evacuated the land since the deadline was April 30th but the other families are still on the land.vlcsnap-2016-05-06-14h28m37s506 vlcsnap-2016-05-06-14h28m27s882

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