Belmopan students attacked during power outage

It seems that robbers took advantage of the power outage to prey on students in the Belmopan area. Almost two hours into the blackout, five students from the Belmopan Baptist High School were walking through a feeder road which leads to the George Price Highway, when three Hispanic men intercepted them. According to the students, the culprits were wearing masks and were armed. They tried to run away, but the men yelled at them to stop or they would shoot them. Five did and one robber approached one of the male students and hit him to the face with a handgun. Another female student was hit was a machete. The men reportedly fled off with a number of cell phones, jewelry, school bags and some money. The group of students was heading home from night classes, after they were dismissed early. The Baptist High School has a bus that transports students to and from school, but those eight students did not catch the bus last night.

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