Belmopan Summer Interns at work in the city

vlcsnap-2013-07-12-18h40m00s65Teaching young people the value of work – that’s what the Belmopan City Council has been doing for the past couple years through its summer internship program. This year’s program was launched on Monday, where students in and around the Belmopan area, for six weeks weeks, will carry out community outreach work in the Capital City. The program is laid out in three cycles, two weeks per cycle and each group is accompanied by a supervisor. Earlier today, we caught up with a group in the downtown area and spoke with one youth who says it’s an honor to be of service to the community.

Summer Intern:
vlcsnap-2013-07-12-18h40m19s255We’re here to help the community.
[We’ve been cleaning up since] 7:38 this morning.
We feel good, because it’s something we don’t experience every day.


While heading back to our studios, we ran into another group. They told us about the works they have been doing and other projects slated for next week.

Summer Intern:
vlcsnap-2013-07-12-18h40m41s223We’re cleaning the parks, cleaning the garbage here, the cleaning of the porch and the white-washing of the porch afterwards.
We’re doing the football field, and areas up to Maya Mopan, San Martin. 

150 applicants were accepted into this year’s internship program. Students eligible for the program must be 14 years old and under.

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