Belmopan Woman Gets Mauled by Pitbulls, ‘Black Chiney’ Comes to the Rescue

It is said that dog is man’s best friend, but yesterday evening in Belmopan, it turned into man’s worst enemy when two pit-bulls ravaged a young woman, leaving her hospitalized. Our Reporter Emanuel Pech filed the following Report.vlcsnap-2014-02-14-22h27m31s183

A relatively peaceful afternoon in Belmopan turned sour when two savage pit-bull dogs, allegedly belonging to the same person, ran amok. The incident occurred yesterday in the East Picini area at the Junction of the George Price Boulevard near the old More FM Studio, when a young woman Deborah Gomez,  a resident of Belmopan, was doing her daily jog.

Today I sat down with Ms. Gomez who had to be hospitalized due to the nature of her injuries. She relayed to me the details of yesterday’s grisly ambush.

vlcsnap-2014-02-14-21h01m08s19Ms. Deborah Gomez- Victim of Savage Dogs Attack

“Truly, yesterday, I was going through my usual exercise, I walked away on the Ring Road and on my way out to the Ring Road, somewhere where More FM used to be, around Choon Saan area by Ben’s Bluff Street, I was walking and I saw the two dogs trotting behind a vehicle that was coming in my direction.  By the time the vehicle came near, the dogs stopped and then, they just started attacking me.  I fell to the ground and they just continued biting and biting and then, the vehicle that was in front, thank goodness, they were nearby and asked me to jump in the vehicle”.

The good Samaritan that stopped and ran to the aid of this young woman was not less than Black Chinese Bobby Chin, a very famous Jamaican DJ.    He explained to me what he saw happening.

vlcsnap-2014-02-14-21h20m11s253Mr. Bobby Chin – DJ “Black Chiney”

“Well, I was driving on the road and the dogs were coming behind my car and the young lady was walking towards my car.  After we passed her, kind of looked in the rear view mirror and we check and we see the dogs have her on the ground trying to bite her up and stuff.  So, we reversed back and tried to pull her into the car and the dogs would not let go,  it was two pit-bulls biting and biting and wouldn’t let go, but eventually we had to take her into the car and we drove her to the emergency room”. 

vlcsnap-2014-02-14-20h58m12s117Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “You were in the car and you could have just driven off.   Tell me what made you go back and help this stranger?”

“Yeah, we could have driven off and do our own business about, but this is somebody in trouble; the natural instinct is to help.  Any normal person would help.  It never takes nothing out of term to back and help”.

Other passersby wasted no time and joined in the effort against the ravaging pit-bulls.

vlcsnap-2014-02-14-21h38m47s143Mr. Leroy Matura- BEL Supervisor of the Belmopan Branch

“I was doing a circular check because I had some guys doing some street light repairs in the East Piccini area.  So, I went to see if they are doing okay”.

At first glance Leroy Matura thought the dogs were playing.  When he realized she was actually being mauled by the savaged dogs, he immediately pulled out his licensed firearm.

Mr. Leroy Matura:  “When I stopped there and the dogs came back, I actually stayed there and I rendered assistance and tried to get rid of the dogs.  So, I end up firing a two shot after the dogs and they let her go because they were going to attack another little boy.  Apparently, the shot caught one of them, but i am not sure what happened because we haven’t seen the dogs as yet”. 

By that time, Ms. Deborah Gomez was already on the way to the Western Regional Hospital, bleeding profusely from vlcsnap-2014-02-14-21h19m18s233vlcsnap-2014-02-14-20h59m25s131numerous bite wounds.

Ms. Deborah Gomez:  “While the nurse was attending to me, she was counting how nay bites I got and I think she counted up to around 27 and she just stopped counting because she said it was just a lot.  I have a deep wound mostly on my arms, my shoulder and my back and a few on my leg”.

Reportedly, though yet not confirmed, Deborah Gomez, was not the only victim of these attacks.  A young man was allegedly bitten on the chest by these same dogs and a little boy was bitten on the ankle.  While no one has pressed any charges as yet, Ms. Deborah Gomez says she might.

Ms. Deborah Gomez:  “Well at first thought, I didn’t think it was anybody’s fault, but after listening to what had really happened with the dogs, and how they got out and so forth, I think that yes, I will because yes, I could have died there with the two dogs if there wasn’t anybody to help me, and I understand that there were other incidents with other people with the same dogs and the owner should take responsibility and do something about the dogs”.
vlcsnap-2014-02-14-20h52m07s62But the owner, a deeply empathetic middle aged single mother, could not hold back her tears as she expressed her most deepest and sincerest apology to all the victims of these attacks. Her only hope is that these issues can be resolved amicably outside of the court.  As for her dogs, though she wants them dearly, she said she will allow for their execution if it comes down to that.  For Plus News, Emanuel Pech.

The police authorities have so far, refrained from giving any comment since the case is still under investigation.We will be following this story as the authorities decide what to do with the ravaging pit-bulls.

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