Belmopan Woman shot in leg for bike and phone

A woman was shot in the leg and then robbed of her phone and bicycle. It happened last night, Wednesday, December 2nd, after 8 p.m. on a Belmopan walkway.  22 year-old Rosa Chocoj of Maya Mopan area, was riding her bicycle on the Central walkway along with her brother and sister. When they reached between the Civic Centre and Social Security Board, a male person came running towards her. He then slapped her on the right side of her face and shot her in her right leg with a handgun.  The male person then took away her bicycle and demanded her phone. He then rode off on her bike. Last night, the victim’s sister spoke to PlusNews at the Western Regional Hospital.


Sister of Robbery Victim: I mi di come from work because I work da Benque and when I was coming, they come to meet me because I come pan the 6 o’clock Benque bus. She and my brother come meet me, then three of us went together but we went on the next road where they have people, but we didn’t know if people would be there this time. So as we were going, she was riding and they shoot. I saw it but I ran, me and my brother ran but she couldn’t run because she was on bike. She wanted to ride but she was scared she would drop in the drain so that’s why she couldn’t make it and they shoot she pan her right foot.vlcsnap-3058-10-24-23h15m22s321

Louis Wade, Reporter: Is it a road that you always walk or just tonight you decided to take that route?

Sister of Robbery Victim: We always walk that road.

Louis Wade, Reporter: And when you walk that road do you always see that person or anybody like that walking?

Sister of Robbery Victim: Nobody did eh because every night we walk that road a lot of people are there and we go along with them. People were right behind us but they were taking long. We were going ahead when we heard that.

Louis Wade, Reporter: How did you guys escape?

Sister of Robbery Victim: Because he talked first. I heard him talk and then we just ran to the police station because we were right beside that. So I ran there and went to report to them and the police heard the gun shot and they rushed to see da who and I don’t know if they got to know who it is.

Louis Wade, Reporter: So the person got away with the bicycle?vlcsnap-1340-03-07-02h22m53s646

 Sister of Robbery Victim: Yeah, he gaan with the bicycle.

Police are investigating. Belmopan residents are encouraged to take only those walkways that are well lit and when walking alone, to use the main roads instead.

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