Benque Mayor Served with NIP

Police have served the Mayor of Benque Viejo Town Heraldo Rancharan Jr. with a Notice of Intended Prosecution after a minor accident put two young women in the hospital. According to police reports, on Monday May 11, Mayor Rancharan was driving his gray Ford Ranger pickup on Dias Street in Benque Viejo, heading to the George Price Boulevard,  when a black motorcycle,driven at the time by Paty Ponce, reportedly ran into the rear of the gray ford ranger. Superintendent Daniel Arzu tells us more.

Supt. Daniel Aruz – O.C. Benque Viejo Police Stationvlcsnap-2015-05-15-11h59m58s39

“We do have a report of a minor traffic accident involving the Mayor of Benque Viejo Town, Mr. Rancharan. This happened on Monday. What happened was that he was driving and he indicated to Police that he suddenly heard a sound to the back of his vehicle. Upon checking, he realized that it was a female driving a motorcycle and a passenger. They were on the ground so he stopped and rendered assistance. That is basically what it is and we are investigating the matter at this point in time.”

Emanuel Pech – Plus T. V reporter

“Has anybody been served with a notice of intended prosecution?”


Supt. Daniel Aruz

“Yes, both drivers have been served with notice of intended prosecutions respecting to the accident itself.”


The two females on the motorcycle were Paty Ponce and Yemela Mendez, a female minor. Both females were treated at the Benque Viejo Poly Clinic for injuries to the legs. Plus News understands that both parties have requested no court action into the matter.

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