Benque money changer shot at his home

A well known businessman and border money changer, Erwin Cocom, was shot multiple times at his home in Benque Viejo. According to initial police reports, sometime around 11 o’clock this morning, two Hispanic male persons on a motor cycle went to the home of  Erwin Cocom. Cocom was in front of his yard taking out pipes from his truck when one of the men got off the motorcycle and approached Cocom. Cocom’s 17 year old daughter spoke to us off camera.

Daughter of Erwin Cocom, Eyewitness: Well my dad was taking out the tubes and I was standing by the door looking at my nephew because he was helping my dad. Then I heard a motorcycle, but then there was the truck in front of my house and I couldn’t see anything. When the man walked in by the gate, I was standing by the door; when he saw me he looked at me and took out the gun. He walkedvlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h16m55s041straight to my dad like he knew where my dad was. Then I went to tell my ma and she came outside and started to strangle with the man.

Interviewer: Who strangled with the man?

Daughter of Erwin Cocom, Eyewitness: My ma. Then that’s when he couldn’t shoot my dad the way he wanted and shot 4 shots; His arm, leg

Cocom’s wife went to her husband’s rescue and struggled with the gunman.

Daughter of Erwin Cocom, Eyewitness: He didn’t say a word or nothing, he didn’t ask for money or anything he just went straight to where my dad was, but he knew he couldn’t do anything else because of my mom. He just stand up, but while my mom was struggling with him; he took his helmet off and my sister saw his face but she didn’t recognize him.

Interviewer: So you think it was a man from benque?

Daughter of Erwin Cocom, Eyewitness: It was a Spanish man, clear, slim.vlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h16m51s828

Interviewer: “Tall, short?”

Daughter of Erwin Cocom, Eyewitness: Tall

After firing shots, the culprit walked to the motorcycle and got on the back as the driver took off. Cocom was shot to the right hip, hand and leg. With no ambulance in Benque, Cocom was transported in private vehicle to the clinic in Benque and then further transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Cocom’s family and friends say they are shocked by the senseless incident. His childhood friend , Elias Sanchez, expressed his surprise. vlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h17m21s064

Elias Sanchez, friend of Erwin Cocom: I don’t know exactly what happen, but it doesn’t make scenes at all to shoot this man. I don’t know about anything and nobody don’t know. He use to work very hard and he’s very humble; he doesn’t give no problem. When I heard about this, I was surprised that is happen and when I came to see him they took him to hospital already.

The two suspects have not been identified or detained . However, it is believed that they may be from Belize and not Guatemala. The reason for that is because of several police checkpoints in the border areas leading to Guatemala. Reports are that no motorcycle with two men passed that way in either direction before or after the shooting.  Police have not indicated what the motive is believed to be since there was no robbery involved in the incident. Police investigation continues. vlcsnap-2017-06-16-14h17m40s397

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