Benque pharmacist who solicited a minor through the internet is fined $500

Cesar Mendez, a Pharmacist in Benque, who was accused of soliciting a twelve year old through Facebook, pled guilty yesterday in Magistrate’s Court. The charges date back to June of last year, after the girl reported that Mendez invited her to his pharmacy, where they engaged in sexual acts on three separate occasions. Shortly after the accusations surfaced, we spoke to the minor’s sister, who told us that the family found what she described as “nasty” messages  from Mendez, on the girl’s facebook account. They immediately went to the police and Mendez was arrested shortly after. He was charged with three counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature. But when he appeared in court yesterday, one of those charges, due to lack of sufficient evidence, was dismissed. Mendez then pled guilty to the other two. He was subsequently fined $250.00, plus a court fee of $5 for each conviction. In default of these payments, Mendez will serve a consecutive sentence of three months in prison. Mendez was represented by Attorney Dickie Bradley.

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