Benque resident charged with drug trafficking (3lbs)

A resident of Benque Viejo was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking. On Monday the 14th of December, The Special Patrol Unit was conducting foot patrols along the banks of the Mopan River in Arenal Village when their attention was drawn to two male persons coming from the village. When they tried approaching the males, one of the male persons, Ismael Jimenez, threw a black and grey knapsack about 6 meters away from where he was standing. He was immediately detained while the other male person made good his escape by jumping into the Mopan River. Jimenez was then escorted to the area where the knapsack was thrown and police opened the bag in his presence. When they opened the bag, 1,437grams of cannabis was found. He was arrested and charged for the offence of “Drug trafficking”.

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