Bi-national agreement between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders










This past Saturday, a significant bi-national agreement was reached between Belize and Guatemalan local leaders. The agreement is sort of a treaty to safeguard the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal and Belize Rivers. The agreement is aimed at the proper conservation of the shared rivers and to strengthen the culture of cooperation and sustainable management. The communities who have signed on to the initiative for the period 2013-2016 include 19 Alcaldes, Town Mayors and Community Development Council Leaders. With the signing of this agreement the 19 leaders commit themselves to undertake clean up campaigns, reforestation and education activities; and promote conservation activities and cooperation. The initiative is also endorsed and signed by the President of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Southern Petén (ManMuniSurP), Mr. Sergio Diaz; the Alcalde of Melchor de Mencos, Mr. Ricardo Avila and Friends for Conservation and Development’s Executive Director, Rafael Manzanero. It is spearheaded by FCD with the financial assistance from the British Embassy.

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