New Testament Bible in Kriol to be released

vlcsnap-2013-02-27-18h18m41s237You’ve heard of the Kriol Dictionary… but how about the Kriol Bible? Well for the past twenty years, an organization called the Belize Kriol Project has been translating the Holy Scripture into Kriol, and it is finally available to the public. Last week, Silvana Woods and Yvette Herrera from the Belize Kriol Project appeared on Rise and Shine and introduced us to the Kriol Bible. Woods explained what it was like constructing the Bible.

Silvana Woods – Belize Kriol Project:
vlcsnap-2013-02-28-06h54m50s189Over 20 years ago when we start, we come out with this [shows small book in Kriol] but the spelling was different. We had to come up with a spelling system.  We start with one lee guide.  We revised this in 2002.


This is a significant milestone for the Belize Kriol Project, but the group says they met some adversity along the way. And no, it wasn’t the translating part, but people, who believed that converting the Bible from English to Kriol would somehow change the scripture’s meaning.

Yvette Herrera – Belize Kriol Project:
vlcsnap-2013-02-28-06h56m47s120We had one very hard time fi convince people that the Bible ina Kriol inspired. Somebody tell me “Oh that is not inspired.” So I tell her, OK If I tell you,  “Gaad lov di werl soh moch dat ih giv wan oanli Son.” I seh what are the difference if I say, “God so loved the world…”   What people no realize, King James Version was the “Kriol of the day,” for the common people.
And for all you viewers who are eager for a taste of the Kriol Bible, here’s a preview.

Yvette Herrera – Belize Kriol Project:
Eevn if Ai kuda taak eena aal di langwij dehn weh peepl taak ahn weh di aynjel dehn taak, if Ah noh lov ada peepl, aal weh Ah di seh noh amonk tu notn. Da jos laik di naiz weh sohnbadi mek wen dehn di beet pat batam er lik simbal. [1 KORINTYANZ 13:1]

The Kriol Bible is available on the internet. To download the Bible, go to Click on the “Resources” option and select “Audio Bible Downloader.” You will then be asked to choose a language, select “Belize Kriol.” Next, under the “Your Version” option, select the” 2012 Edition Audio Drama New Testament,” then click “Download.” If you do not have a account, you will be required to create one before downloading the audio file. You can also listen to the Belize Kriol Bible at And in celebration of the Belize Kriol Bible release, the Belize Kriol Project will be hosting a ceremony next week Wednesday (March 6th) at the St. John’s Anglican Cathedral Church in Belize City. The ceremony begins at 9:30, and there you can purchase the hard copy Kriol Bible for $20 or $25. The audio version will be on CD, free of charge.

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