Big Falls Alcalde Booted Out!

The Villagers of Big Falls, in Toledo, recalled and booted out the alcalde on Sunday May 31st and are also calling for the removal of the village chairman. The reason behind this move was because of alleged 20 thousand dollars that were not accounted for. About 150 people gathered at the community center to have their thoughts ventilated.

Roberto Coh – Village Councilor, Big Fallsvlcsnap-2015-06-02-10h28m07s80

“The alcalde came and put in on Mr. Carlos but he couldn’t fight Mr. Carlos so he put it to Mrs. Martha Logos, the cat is for you.  But since Mrs. Martha said  “I don’t  own a cat, I don’t own any animals.’ The following day, I called him and told him that I will see him in court. They came here just to tell her that they will charge her for telling lies, $30 dollars.  Mrs. Martha told him that he is not here to ham bug people like this,  we placed him there to protect us. For that, they charged him another  $30 and $5 for the court. if you have petitions, bring it in and we will give him the paper in another meeting.  that’s when the Toledo Alcalde Association will come and give him the paper saying you are no longer the Alcalde of Big Falls Village. “

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