Big Tom in Court for Cursing Cops

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-21h54m11s154PoliceDeported former murder suspect Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers was back in court on Monday, accused of using curse words at police officers who were searching his vehicle on Friday.

Mr. Flowers, 36, acquitted of a 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah, murder but jailed on federal weapons and illegal entry charges, had been deported to Belize last November and keeping a low profile since then.

But as a deportee he remains under close scrutiny, subject, he told Magistrate Dale Cayetano, to multiple searches of his person on a daily basis. On February 14, he and three others were riding in a Honda car without license plates on Mahogany Street when police on mobile patrol stopped them.

justice hammerThat is when according to Constable Alyson Rivers, Flowers used the f-word three times as he complained about the search and said he wasn’t going with the officers.

In court, Flowers pleaded guilty to two counts of uttering indecent words, saying his temper got the best of him. As a result he was fined $150 on both counts – a third had been dropped – and ordered to pay by May 31, in default two months in prison concurrently.

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