Blue House security guard charged with murder

Police have laid murder charges against one of the two security guards who stabbed 41 year old Wilmer Cisneros of Western Paradise to death on Saturday night at the Blue House Bar in Ladyville. He is Diarron Hamilton, also known as Percy. Hamilton and the other guard were attempting to enforce the establishment’s policy that customers who come to the bar at a certain time must pay a fee and Cisneros and his friends, including Roger Jimenez of Belize City, had refused to do so. They were drinking beer when they were confronted and one of Cisneros’ party was embroiled in a fight with the guards. Cisneros jumped in and was fatally stabbed in the chest and abdomen. Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith remanded Hamilton until his next court appearance on July 22. He has retained Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson for legal representation.

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