BNTU Rejects Integrity Commission proposal to give elected officials  pass

The Integrity Commission was re activated on January 12th  of this year following demands of the Belize National Teachers Union during its 11 day strike. It was a great victory for the BNTU and the nation when the PM acceded. However, as we reported last week, the Commission sent out a request asking elected representatives to hand over to the Commissionn their accounts going back five years. That was apparently met with objections from the UDP camp and so the commission reversed its decision and settled for only one preceding year. The Prime Minister had told the media that the request by the commission for five years of records was in fact illegal since they could not have jurisdiction over a time when they were not in office.  Today, the  Belize National Teacher’s Union issued a press release rejecting the Integrity Commission’s proposal to waive the records of politicians for the past five years. The BNTU release says that

The BNTU reiterates that one of our 8 Demands to the Government of Belize in September of 2016, did not request the implementation of a “Rubber Stamp” Commission, but one that would be transparent, accountable, credible and of Integrity.”

The statement continues to say that

“..When our common citizens have arrears for any of their obligations; be it Income Tax, Social Security, Business  Tax, etc. they are not granted waivers, instead penalties are imposed on them. We say our Elected Officials should be treated in like manner. They are NOT ABOVE THE LAW.”

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