BNTU requests that amendment to section 53 not go to House as yet

In more BNTU news, today the union issued a statement, calling on the Prime Minister to allow for public discourse on the suggested Amendment on Section 53 before it is taken to the House of Representatives.  BNTU says it has “deep concern about the recent judgement of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin…” The release says, “The BNTU, representative of the largest group of organised teachers in the country of Belize, had registered our concern about the implications, for the classroom, at the suggested implementation of the National Gender Policy. It is along that same vein that we now raise concern at the suggested Amendment of Section 53.”   BNTU appeals to the PM to “…ensure that this matter, which is of paramount importance to our teachers and to our vastly Christian nation state, is thoroughly ventilated and addressed. Our people must be allowed the opportunity to openly express their concerns and opinions on the issue and the possibility of an Appeal process before it is brought to the House of Representatives.“ The release ends by saying, “For the sake of our children and nation we urge that this request be treated as a matter of National Importance.”

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