BNTU Says Demonstration Set for Friday Despite Intimidation Tactics

vlcsnap-2014-03-05-08h08m49s75The teachers are planning a demonstration in Belmopan on Friday March 7, during the reading of the national budget.  A memo was written to the BNTU on March 4th from the Ministry of Education, expressing its concern that classes will be disrupted again and reminding the Union of Rule #102 of the Education Amendment Rules 2012.

That rule is 102 (1) which says,

“If a labour dispute results in industrial action by teachers or instructors, salaries and wages of persons undertaking such action may not be paid for any day or portion of a day during which they are on strike.”

The union fired off a response today in which it says that Membership has been duly informed and is well aware of rule #102. The BNTU letter says,

vlcsnap-2014-03-05-07h57m21s84“They are also fully aware of the fact that the Constitution of Belize provides the right to engage in Industrial action. We are very disappointed in this move to intimidate the teachers of this country and wish to express our tremendous concern that the ministry seems to operate with double standards.”

That double standard being referred to is a correspondence to Managing authorities declaring Thursday March 6th as a non teaching day so that female teachers can help to build the numbers for the National Women’s Commission’s 20,000 women’s rally.

Belizean ClassroomThe BNTU also makes mention of threats that some teachers have received of not only having their Friday salary cut, but also their Saturday and Sunday,  March 8th and 9th, cut as well.

The BNTU says that despite the threats, due diligence has been exercised and they have received the required permit to hold that demonstration on Friday and they plan to go through with it.

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