BNTU Waits on Final Assessment of Merger

As we have been reporting three Belize City high schools on the South-side have planned to engage each other’s resources to provide the best education to their students.

Some 500 students, not including new entrants, will benefit from this first-of-its-kind program administered by the Secondary School Management Unit of the Ministry of Education.

But there is still no word as to how many of the three schools’ 61 total teachers will be kept on. BNTU president Luke Palacio says that they wait for that final assessment.

vlcsnap-2014-06-11-18h02m02s0Luke Palacio-President of the BNTU

“I think if you listen to the minister’s press conference and a response from one of the persons there, they said that the teachers will get letters at the end of the month.  So, we are expecting for that time”.

Preliminary plans indicate that at least ten teachers will be teaching specialized subjects for 3rd Form students.

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