Bodies of Phillipino woman and American man found in river at Roaring Creek Village

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h32m08s158vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h32m14s227The bodies of a  woman and a man were found floating in the river at Roaring Creek. On Saturday shortly after 11:00 am, the body of Philipine national Arly Rose Sardido, was reportedly found floating in the river of Roaring Creek in an area known as “The Falls”. However, this was no case of a simple drowning. According to Police, initial investigations revealed that the body of rly Sardido, was found with a swollen forehead and abrasions to the upper right side of the head and the temple. Ms Sardido, a Philippine National in her 20’s,  had been living in Belize for a year. Police reports say they also discovered a white Toyota Tacoma pickup parked on the river bank about 50 feet away from the scene. Rumours had it that the woman was not alone; and on Monday, though very reserved, Sinquest Martinez, the Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police, confirmed that information.

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-07h33m37s1Mr. Sinquest Martinez- Commanding Officer

“Investigation have so far shown that she was with someone, and we conducted the investigation into the matter, and investigation continues”.


The man that we are talking about is a US National, who, reports have it, had been dating the Filipino woman. Later that morning, the media got word that the body of the man had been found further down the river and was immediately transferred to Western Regional Hospital. We asked Mr Martinez to comment on those new developments.

Sinquest Martinez

“From what we have seen, we suspect there is foul play, we suspect it’s a double murder, there were physical injuries on both persons.   We believe that both of them went swimming at the creek and they were robbed and murdered…and one were thrown into the river and the other one was thrown into the creek”.

We asked Sinquest Martinez if they have detained anyone in connection with this suspected murder.

Sinquest Martinez

“We have one person in custody, and another of interest in custody likewise.”


“Is he cooperating whth the Police at this time?”

Sinquest Martinez

“Not answering.”

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