Body and Soul Clinic in Roaring Creek

vlcsnap-2015-09-23-19h48m35s102A missionary group is here in Belize having medical clinic at  Body and Soul Ministries in Roaring Creek Village. The team has been in the country for about a week now, sharing their skills and offering free services. Tomorrow is their last day, but after this team leaves, another one will take its place. President and medical Director of Body and Soul Clinic, Dr. Joe Smiddy, tells us more.

Dr. Joe Smiddy, Body and Soul Director: This team actually is here through tomorrow so we would encourage anyone who needs medical care to come here early in the morning.  This team will be here all day tomorrow. The we start again Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday with a brand new team from the states, and I’ll still be here with them and we’ll have several doctors and another great team here next week. We encourage people to come. We’ll have pediatricians and adult medicine, and free services and free medicine next week.

Dr. Smiddy also told us how this initiative came about and what they needed to do to prepare.

vlcsnap-2015-09-23-19h49m09s193vlcsnap-2015-09-23-19h48m23s2Dr. Joe Smiddy, Body and Soul Director: We started planning at the First Broad Street, United Methodist Church in Kingsport Tennessee a year ago for this trip. We collected medicine, raised money, got volunteer doctors and nurses to come, and it’s been a long effort to bring this team here to Roaring Creek.  We have a wonderful pediatrician, we have a wonderful gynecologist, a dentist, we have medical care for adults and children.

Dr. Smiddy says that they received positive responses from the community and wish to come back to Belize some other time to bless the community in this way again.

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